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Diverse Kindergarten

Play, Grow, & Learn

At Manda's English Playroom it is my goal to share with parents a fun and playful way to teacher their children English that is different from traditional English learning. I offer a variety of activities such as pretend play, sensory play using the five senses, games, crafts and art. I hope that these activities will not only be fun for the children, but also provide an opportunity for moms and dads to learn how they can use English at home.

アマンダのアートワークショップは、とっても楽しかったです! 道具は全て用意してくれているので、手ぶらで安心して参加できました。 また、子どもにもわかりやすくい英語のフレーズを使ってくれるので、子どもたちも元気よく英語を話していました。 娘は、指示通りにできなかったりしましたがそれでも優しく否定せずに認めてくれるので とっても嬉しい

F. K.

Art Class

From my Playroom to Yours

What is a playroom?

Most consider a playroom as a space in a home that is dedicated and designed for play. 

For Manda's English Playroom, I have the ability to go beyond those 4 walls of a home and offer a wide verity of creative play in different spaces.

From sharing ideas on creative play through blog posts or laughing together in a live online creative art sessions, these are just a few wonderful ways I can share play with you. 

Kids Playing with Lego


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