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Who is Manda's English Playroom

The Founder Amanda Tanaka

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Hi, my name is Amanda!

Welcome to Manda's English Playroom!

I have been living and teaching in Japan for over 7 years. I am married to my Japanese husband and also the proud mama to a very energetic little boy.

I went to St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, USA. There I received a bachelors in 2D Design (printmaking, drawing, and painting). I have certifications for TELS and as an assistant for Japanese daycare centers by the Chiba Prefectural Office. 

I have worked as an ALT in Yamaguchi and worked as a teacher at International Schools in Japan. I also have experience teaching online.

I would love to share a fun and playful way, that is different from traditional English learning, with parents who are trying to teach their children English.

I can offer a variety of activities such as pretend play, sensory play using the five senses, games, crafts and art. I hope that these activities will not only be fun for the children, but also provide an opportunity for moms and dads to learn how they can use English at home.

By having fun while learning, children will develop confidence, have a positive attitude, and will naturally acquire English skills. I hope you will join me in having fun!

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