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Learning the same thing a new way!

Hello everyone I am excited to be starting this new adventure here with you! But first off... Hi, my name is Amanda. I am from the freezing state of Minnesota in the United States of America. I have been living and breathing for the last 7 or so years in the country of Japan. I am also a mother, who gave birth to a very energetic and fearless boy a few years back. He is a pandemic baby, and yes they are built different!

Manda's English Playroom

I set out to create a space where I can not only put my creativity to good use, but to inspire others to create while learning another language. I believe that learning can be achieved not only through study but also from play. In recent years kids and even us adults don't do enough to just enjoy the idea play. It is my hope that through my lessons I can at least reach out and inspire some creativity into the world, even if it is just a tiny sprinkling.

Creative Corner

It will be the main segment of Manda's English Playroom. We will create and learn together through simple online lessons or short youtube videos about the exciting endless possibilities of art, with a few crafts mixed in.

Please leave a comment below answering the question: what was or is one of your favorite crafts to do alone or in a group. I look forward to reading them all!

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