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January 2023 Children's Books Recommendations

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The Reading Corner

Welcome one and all to The Reading Conner! This is our first post for children's books recommendations! Each month The Reading Corner will introduce 3 book recommendations. Hope you enjoy!

First we have the book called The Napping House. This book is a great book for younger audiences.

  • about a granny trying to take a nap. Slowly others join her in her bed. Do you think they can all fit?

Activity Paring:

  • Pile on the bed - get as many stuffed animals and dolls as possible and stack them up on top of each other. Try not to let them fall!

Second we have the book called Cassidy and the Mixed up Numbers. This book is fantastic for introducing the idea of learning disabilities.

  • It’s Cassidy’s first day in kindergarten and she is a little nervous. Follow her first few days as she finds her confidence and voice in kindergarten.

Activity Paring:

Our last book this month is called I am Odd I am New.

  • A book that brings to life what a fifth-grader hoped to convey in his poem, beginning every few sentences with I am," about what it is like to live with autism.

Activity Paring:

  • Make your won I AM poem using adjectives or other descriptive words.

What book would you like to add to your own personal library?

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