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How to DIY an Arts & Craft Kit at Home

The thought of crafting at home with children can be a little overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Often when we think of arts & crafts we have a glamorized idea of what it should be.

Rooms set up with motisory theories are usually at the top of the list. Rooms set up to let the child explore and create in a very independent way.

I myself would love to be able to set up a beautiful space like this in my own home, but with most Japanese homes and apartments this isn't a possible option. But crafting does not need to be this complex. Start simple, you can always grow from there.

How to Start the Simple Way

All you need is to make a simple set of crafting supplies. Daiso & Seria in Japan or other "dollar" stores are a great place to start! It is a cost friendly option when you are first getting supplies ready for your very own craft kit.

Yes, the list seems long! But all these items will set you up to be able to do almost any craft you can find online. They will also set you and your child up for success! With this simple kit they will be able to explore and create to their hearts content in the wonderful world of arts & crafts!

Storage is also easy! All you need is a plastic caddy, like the one seen above. I found this one at Nitori and I love it! Great for beginner craft kits!

I also have a set of clear drawers, also from NITORI. They work great for holding many different types of drawing utensils. I have things like paints, crayons, paint brushes, pencils, etc. It it so helpful when crafting because you can just take out the drawer you will need for the task and put it right back.

So remember, you don't need to have a magical motisory style crafting space. Just having basic supplies and the kitchen table is plenty! Thanks for reading and happy crafting!

What are some supplies you love having in your home?

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